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people : welcome to theBythams

added 28/01/07

The Glenside News includes each month a section welcoming people to theBythams area. Entries from that section are reproduced here ...

Peter and Carole Leigh who have moved into Counthorpe Lane, Castle Bytham from Exeter (November 2005)

Maureen and Alan who have moved back from The Netherlands in April and are now living in Glen Road, Castle Castle (June 2005)

Jan and Peter Quince, daughter Sophie and Pippa the cat - have moved into Station Road, Little Bythams from Faversham, Kent (May 2005)

Cal and Pipsa D'Souza who, with their sons Christian and Patrick, have moved into Bythams Heights from the south-east. (April 2005)

Julie and Bernard Crane who have moved into Counthorpe Lane, Castle Bytham from Eastbourne (November 2003)

Sarah and Tim Cooper Jones who, with their sons Mark and Tom - and Holly, the dog - have moved into Angel Wells Farm, Castle Bytham from Farnham, Surrey (November 2003)

Janet and Derek Taylor who have moved into High Street Castle Bytham from Stamford (October 2003)

Melanie and Christian Collett who have moved from London into Fran and Toshi Nisihara's former house, in High Street, Castle Bytham (October 2003)

Lesley and Mike Derry who, with their children Richard and Rachael and their dog Bonnie, have moved into Glen Road, Castle Bytham from Bourne (September 2003)

John and Sue Pelham and son William and sundry dogs and horses have moved into High Street, Little Bytham from Melton (September 2003)

Russell and Gail Jackson who have moved to Little Bytham (August 2003)

Gary and Carol Jamison who have moved into Pinfold Road, Castle Bytham (August 2003)

Stephen, Della and Laura Mellows who, with their dog Mackie, have moved into Counthorpe Lane, Castle Bytham from Wansford (August 2003)

Tracey and Tony Kemp who, with their children Matthew, Gaby and Christine (plus guinea pigs) have moved into Glenside, Castle Bytham. (May 2003)

Matthew and Katie Maitland who have moved into Aunby Manor with their children Lucu (10), Johnny (7), Kit (2) and Chica (1) (April 2003)

Jane Hempsall (nee King), and her husband Ian and son Louis, who has returned to live in Creeton.

David and Patsy Hall who, with their sons Tim and Oliver, have moved into Little Bytham from Stibbington.

Jim and Kate Hughes who have also moved into Little Bytham with their sons from Canterbury.

Mrs Froggatt who has just moved into Castle Bytham from Surrey.