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Glenside News is a monthly magazine produced for the villages of Careby with Aunby and Holywell, Castle Bytham, Creeton with Counthorpe and Little Bytham. The magazine is produced and distributed to each household in the area by volunteers living within the parishes.

A voluntary subscription system operates for the magazine. Basically if you feel you are able then a donation of £5 per household is welcomed each year. This should be sent to Geoff Clapinson, the magazine's treasurer, at 17 Cumberland Gardens, Castle Bytham, NG33 4SQ.

Postal subscriptions are also welcomed ... contact the Editor - information below.

glenside news and theBythams

We reproduce much of the content of the Glenside News on theBythams website in electronic format such that it is ...
... available to a wider audience ... ex-pats so to speak (may be you?) !
... stored in an accessible manner for posterity.

In this format extracts of the Glenside News appear throughout theBythams website in text format ... that is they look like any other web page. Where we have 'lifted' something from the Glenside News we acknowledge that on the relevant web page.

As of October 2003 we have succeeded in publishing the magazine online in pdf format. This means that we are able to more readily upload the magazine to the web each month and also cuts down the length of time it takes us to do it!

To view the document in pdf format you will need a pdf viewer. You can download a pdf viewer for FREE by CLICKING on the link below and following the instructions on their website.

Older issues of Glenside are still available (some online) in a traditional 'scanned page' format. This is achieved by scanning individual pages of the magazine and then uploading separate images for each page. In due course we hope to be able to transfer some of these to pdf format as well.

Because of the size of the pdf files and the older web page images the Glenside magazine pages take a little longer to appear than a 'normal' page (unless you are on Broadband ... which has yet to reach theBythams by the way!). Also, because of the amount of web space (memory) they take up, we only hold a few issues of the Glenside online at theBythams website at any one time. If you would like to see an Issue that isn't currently online then Contact Us and we will either email it to you or upload it asap!

Finally ... we only include pages from the magazine on theBythams website if they have 'content' .. so pages containing advertising only are not shown.

You can view the Latest Issue, Back Issues and an Issue from the Past of the Glenside News by selecting the links from the column to the right ....

glenside news contacts

You can contact the magazine's Editor

    Peter Cox (the Editor)
    Green Bank Cottage
    23 High Street
    Castle Bytham
    NG33 4RZ
    Tel: +44 (0)1780 410457

Each village has its own representative...

    Careby with Aunby and Holywell
    Maxine Ellington
    Careby Garage
    Stamford Road
    PE9 4EB
    Tel: +44 (0)1780 410703

    Little Bytham
    Sheila Jones
    Hill View
    Station Road
    Little Bytham
    Tel: +44 (0)1780 410232

    Castle Bytham
    Diana Hill
    6 Regal Gardens
    Castle Bytham
    NG33 4SF

    Creeton with Counthorpe
    Ann Garbutt
    2 Brownlow Farm Cottages
    Tel: +44 (0)1780 410563


glenside news copy deadlines

Copy Deadlines for the magazine are as follows ...

Copy deadline for the Glenside News is the 13th of the month prior to publication in the case of handwritten copy and the 15th of the month in the case of copy supplied via email or on disc.

The front page logo of the Glenside News

glenside news online

latest issue...

in pdf format ...

March 2009 added 09/03/09

back issues...

in pdf format ...

February 2009 added 09/03/09

July 2007 added 13/07/07
June 2007 added 11/06/07
May 2007
added 11/06/07

April 2007
added 11/06/07

March 2007 added 11/06/07
February 2007
added 25/02/07
December '06/January '07 added 26/02/07

November 2003 added 22/10/03
October 2003 added 22/10/03
September 2003 added 22/10/03
August 2003 added 22/10/03
July 2003 added 22/10/03
June 2003 added 22/10/03
May 2003 added 22/10/03
April 2003 added 22/10/03
March 2003 added 22/10/03

The following previous issues are in normal web page format ... CLICK on each page to view it in turn ...

February 2003
Page 1 Editorial
Page 2 Rectors Letter
Page 3 Church Info : Parish Registers : Flag
Page 4 Children's Page
Page 5 Diary : Weather
Page 6 'Here and There'
Page 7 Letters
Page 8 Welcomes : Obituary : SWAG
Page 9 'Nature Notes' - Alf Cousins
Page 10 The Bythams Primary School
Page 11 Womens Institute : Parties
Page 12 Railway Children's Day Nursery
Page 13 Castle Bytham Cricket Club
Page 14 Midsummer Fair : Senility Prayer
Page 15 Brickyard Spinney
Page 16 Little Bytham Parish Council
Page 17 Castle Bytham Parish Council
Page 18 New Bus Routes
Page 19 theBythams Website
Page 20 'Whoever said Life was Boring?'
Page 21 GCSE Exam Answers

December '02/January '03
Page 1 Editorial
Page 2 Rectors Letter
Page 3 Church Info : Parish Registers
Page 4 Children's Page 1
Page 5 Diary : Weather : Flower Rota
Page 6 Police Info
Page 7 Bythams School : Candle Service
Page 8 'Ecuador Experience' - Claire Rasell
Page 9 'Ecuador Experience' - continued
Page 10 Little Bytham Parish Council
Page 11 Letters
Page 12 'Autumnal Intro..s' - Elaine Margiotta
Page 13 Carol Singing : Police : 100 Club
Page 14 Castle Bytham Parish Council
Page 15 Womens Institute
Page 16 Cricket Club : Burns Night Supper
Page 17 Bingo Evening : Cheese and Wine
Page 18 Christmas Quiz
Page 19 Christmas Quiz - continued
Page 20 'Nature Notes' - Alf Cousins
Page 21 Children's Page 2
Page 22 Christmas Quiz Answers

November '02
Page 1 Editorial
Page 2 Rectors Letter
Page 3 Church Info : Parish Registers
Page 4 Children's Page
Page 5 Diary : Weather : Flower Rota
Page 6 Parties : Bingo : Fete : 100 Club
Page 7 Bingo : Midsummer Fair
Page 8 'Change a Coming!' - Elaine Margiotta
Page 9 Cricket Club
Page 10 Party : Freehand Theatre
Page 11 'Yes, I'm a Senior Citizen' : Educ Fdn

October '02
Page 1 Editorial
Page 2 Rectors Letter
Page 3 Church Info : Parish Registers
Page 4 Children's Page
Page 5 Diary : Weather : Flower Rota
Page 6 Railway Day Nursery
Page 7 'Nature Notes' - Alf Cousins
Page 8 Jazz Evening
Page 9 Kath Peak : 'Tales of the River'
Page 10 Cricket Club : Household Waste
Page 11 Shows : Freighter : Fete : 100 Club
Page 12 Midsummer Fair
Page 13 Womens Institute : Slide Show
Page 14 Castle Bytham Parish Council
Page 15 'The Stella Awards'

And in pdf format ...

May 2001