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updated 30/11/03

This section of the web site is grdaually growing to include information about walks that can be completed in and around theBythams area.

Each walk includes an illustration of the route of the walk and images of the route and things you can see 'on-the-way'.

The section is broken down into walks in and around ...

Castle Bytham

- Walk 1 - Little Haw Wood

Little Bytham

- Walk 2 - Grange Farm


The following Links relate to the item above. They are correct and working at the time this item was added to theBythams website - October 2003. They will not be updated at anytime in the future and so may, therefore, cease to function correctly as website addresses change. Each of the links below are reproduced on the Links page of theBythams website and those are kept up-to-date and checked frequently. So if the link below doesn't work use the one on the Links page.

A website of links to websites which have details of walks in areas throughout the UK.

GO VIEW the Walking Route UK website

Introducing Jimmy and Pebbles

Added 13/04/03

The images for this section of the website have been taken (and retaken in many cases!) between the summer of 2001 and the present day. In some of the pictures, despite our best efforts to avoid it ('cos they don't stand still and all you see is a blur!) you will see Jimmy and Pebbles.

Jimmy (right) and Pebbles

Jimmy and Pebbles were rehomed with us from Wood Green at Huntingdon in January 2002. Jimmy, a pointer-cross, being the older of the two at 14 years old and Pebbles, a collie-cross, being a mere 6 years old.

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They had been together since Pebbles was a puppy at their former home and the people at Wood Green were keen to rehome them together if they could. Having met them both, walked them, fussed them, stroked them and been licked into submission by them we agreed within minutes to take them!

During the summer of 2002 we all enjoyed many walks in the countryside around theBythams area and gradually collected together images, for personal use initially, which it soon became apparent could become an interesting and useful 'walks' section on the website.

The only time they stand still on a walk - when doing what they do best ... sniffing at 'nothing'!

Over the Christmas period in 2002 Jimmy unfortunately became ill and, although still enjoying a short walk most days to the weir in Little Bytham, walks of any greater distance became impossible.

After a few more months, having seemed to settle well on his medication, Jimmy took a turn for the worse one morning and, on the advise of his vet, left us on the morning of Monday 8th April 2003.

The impetus to get this section of the website up and running after many months of planning and preparation took a new dimension and, although not around to witness its completion, we feel that Jimmy would be proud of the fruits of his efforts in trekking theBythams countryside.

Jimmy 'Woof'
'chasing bunnies'

Of course if you see Pebbles out one day whilst walking yourself ... please say 'hello' ... and, often yards behind, the bloke with the camera is the chap from theBythams website!