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updated 27/01/05

This section of the website includes reports on, and links to, items of news that have appeared in the national press (generally the BBC website).

If you spot something we havn't then Contact Us!

20-08-04 added 27/01/05
Story from BBC News...
How DNA saved an 'extinct' breed
A woman is spearheading a programme to resurrect a rare horse thought to be extinct until it was rediscovered in the 1960s.
Pat Bowles, who is president of the worldwide Caspian Horse Society, runs a stud close to the Lincolnshire border with Rutland, where she keeps 16 of these distinctive animals.
For the full story ... CLICK HERE

21-11-03 added 04/12/03
Story from BBC News...
Farmer jailed over cannabis find
A Lincolnshire farmer has been jailed after cannabis worth nearly £50,000 was discovered at his farm.
The crop was found on the Angel Wells Farm at Castle Bytham near Grantham by firefighters.
Iain Brown, 52, was arrested in March after a sophisticated lighting and heating system was found.
For the full story ... CLICK HERE

08-04-03 added 01/06/03
Story from BBC News...
Farm welcomes 'wading' birds
Farmers using a stewardship scheme to attract wading birds to nest in Lincolnshire - miles away from their usual habitat.
The long billed curlews usually nest in grasslands in the Pennines, Scotland and the Orkney Isles but are rarely found inland in Lincolnshire.
Richard Harris of Cabbage Hill Farm near Castle Bytham says his family has welcomed the birds, making bird covers and increasing grassland areas.
He says the stewardship work has cost very little to implement.
For the full story ... CLICK HERE

20-08-04 How DNA saved an 'extinct' breed
Caspian Horse
Image courtesy of BBC Website

08-04-03 Farm Welcomes 'wading' birds
Long Billed Curlew
Image courtesy of Don Baccus Photography