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Since launching theBythams website in 2001, we have had a number of emails, and other feedback, from people that used to live in the area who are trying to track down details of relatives, long since gone, in pursuit of knowledge of their family tree.

This got us to thinking and it wasn't long before we started looking at other websites which are identified by search engines when you enter 'bytham' in as the search term.

Not surprisingly many of the sites relate to the history of the area and we have attempted to summarise their content and provide links to the websites on this page.

We hope that they offer interesting reading.

The one that started the whole section off ... Robin Sharman has constructed a website (or two in fact!) sumarising the history of his family. Part One mentions ...
"Jane died on 29th December 1902 (the day before her seventy-ninth birthday) at Castle Bytham, and was buried at Swinstead just two days later....
.... Sarah Elizabeth married Joseph Downing at Castle Bytham on her thirty-second birthday - 7th October 1901."
Part Two goes on to include references to ...
"Sometime around 1887 the Thomas Hoyles Sharman and his family vacated Norwood and moved to Blackspring Farm which lies just east of the Swayfield to Castle Bytham road....
....Henry (born 12.3.1893) was my grandfather, and he was born at Blackspring Farm, Counthorpe in south Lincolnshire on 12th March 1893. Amongst his earliest memories were being taken to see the aftermath of the Little Bytham train crash of 7th March 1896"