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history : a walk through the archaeology of Castle Bytham : village pond

added 27/07/04

Further along Castle Gate on the left is the ancient and beautiful village pond. The pond is fed by water which runs down the hillside where Water Lane is sited. The small stone cottage at the waters edge formerly housed the 'Water Keeper' of the village who was in charge of the sluice that controls the discharge of this water into the stream that runs across the road. The management of the water systems around Castle Bytham is critically important as until relatively recently the valley bottom was prone to flooding whenever the Tham burst its banks.

It is difficult to tell whether use has been made of this pond to drive a watermill - the technology needed is far older than that of using wind as a power source. At waters edge can be seen part of a cobbled path where sheep were once taken for drinking.

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Heritage Lincolnshire is an independent charitable trust working to promote and enhance Lincolnshire's rich heritage for the benefit of local people and visitors.

The Trust is supported by County and District Councils, national heritage bodies and through commercial activities and sponsorship.

Acknowledgment ...

The text shown on this page has been reproduced from a booklet written by Dan Ratcliffe, from the Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire, to accompany a walk around the village of Castle Bytham which he led as part of the Midsummer Fair in June 2004.

We are grateful for their permission to reproduce the document on this website.