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the church : news

updated 12/11/2005

Remembrance Sunday service
added 02/12/05

Careby Church was full, almost to overflowing, for the Remembrance Service on November 14th with a congregation ranging from under nine to almost ninety years. The collection raised £191.02 which was donated to the Royal British Legion.

songs of praise from lincoln cathedral added 28/11/05

The BBC will be visiting Lincoln in November to record two special Songs of Praise programmes celebrating Christmas and Easter. If you would like to take part, and can attend a rehearsal on Wednesday 23rd November from 7- 10pm, and the recording on Thursday 24th, also from 7- 10pm, tickets are available from the Songs of Praise Ticket Office (Lincoln), Room 5011, BBC, Oxford Road, Manchester M60 1SJ fax 0161 244 3276.

Life without Bryan added 30/11/03

A message from Margaret Barton, Curate, published in the Glenside News (December 2003)

Before I met Bryan Bennett I was a Reader quietly getting on with looking after St John's Church in Corby. By the time He'd finished with me, I was your Curate, so you can blame him for the total shambles into which I shall plunge the Bytham parishes!

"What will happen when Bryan goes?" you may well be wondering. Well, all I can say isa that he will be replaced. Somehow. By Someone. Sometime. Meanwhile there will be an interregnum but God will still be regularly and faithfully worshipped in all our churches. In November after this magazine (the Glenside News) has gone to print, I am meeting your Church Wardens to talk about services and what else they want me to do. This means I can't tell you very much yet.

However, I shall be taking your Holy Communion Services with the help of one or two other Priests. Funerals and weddings will be the Rural Dean's responsibility as will Baptisms if they are not in normal services. (I only conduct out-of-service Baptisms if the candidate is at death's door or Irnham).

The Rural Dean is the Revd. A Hawes at Edenham. He can be contacted on 01778 591358.

The pattern of Services given for January is provisional but there isn't much room for manoeuvre. Ministers are very thin on the ground!

With all good wishes for a blessed 2004 "

Margaret Barton, Curate
Tel: +44(0)1476 550763

Remembrance Sunday added 02/10/03

Royal British Legion, Poppies

This falls on Sunday 9th November this year. The church service will be in Castle Bytham beginning at 10.55am, please be seated by 10.50am.

Update ...
A total of £97 was collected for the Royal British Legion at the Remembrance Day Service in St James Church Castle Bytham on Sunday 9 November.

Hunter Trials
added 27/04/03

A message from the Rector published in the Glenside News (May 2003)

" As you are probably aware, the Hunter Trials cannot take place this year. From the point of view of our four churches this is very sad, because the income generated by the Trials has for many years gone a long way towards keeping our churches in good condition and hence open for use. This does not of course just apply to those who choose to worship Sunday by Sunday, or even on the special occasions such as Christmas, but to all who might wish to Christen their children, see their offspring married, or say a final farewell to their loved ones. With the exception of a few genuine atheists this surely applies to most residents of out villages. Churches can and do close, and the reason is lack of funds, and once closed they stay closed. please come to Grimsthorpe on Sunday 4th May and support the Sponsored Ride and let us hope that next year the Hunter Trials will be on again. "