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the church : creeton

updated 26/11/05

News and Information relating to Creeton Parochial Church Council will appear here as and when they becomes known.

Church Wardens updated 26/11/05

Anne Garbutt : +44 (0)1780 410563
Christopher Samler : +44 (0)1780 410401

Saints Day added 01/08/03

Reproduced from Glenside News : August 2003

Sunday 29 June was Saint Peter's Day, the Patron Saint of Creeton he was of course better known as the leader of the Apostles. In later life, it is genrally accepted, he became the leader of the early Church and he died a martyrs death in Rome probably in 64AD. The Emporer at the time being Nero who blamed the Chritian Church for the Great Fire of Rome and persecuted it. St Paul also died at the same time, but not in the same way. St Paul was by birth a Roman citizen, and had the right to decapitation by the sword. St Peter had no such protection and was crucified like his Master.At his own request he was hung on the cross upside down, he felt he was unworthy to die like Jesus. His siant's day falling on a Sunday Creeton PCC decided to hold a service of Evensong to mark the occasion.

This took pace and was followed by a fund raising supper in Creeton's Old Rectory for which I would like to thank Christopher and Ziggi Samler whose home it is. The preacher was Bishop Alistair Redfern of Grantham. His wife Jane had planned to be with him but illness prevented it. Please rememebr her in your prayers, she is not at all well.

Are you able to supply us with information about the Creeton PCC? It may be a profile of the PCC, information about its events and activties or other news. If you would like to contribute please do not heistate to Contact Us.