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activities and events : millenium

added ??? : checked 09/09/06
This page is not included in a regular update sequence and will be checked and updated infrequently

The Millenium was celebrated in the Bythams area in a number of different ways...

Castle Bytham

The Parish Council presented a Commemorative Coin to each child aged 11 or under as at 31st December 2002.

Little Bytham

In Little Bytham a "pictorial souvenir" was published to "celebrate the beginning of the thrid millenium" as the Preface to the publication states.

The book includes a "combination of bygone scenes and historical insight into what remains today". A copy of the book was distributed to each house within the village and is currently (March 2003) available for sale in the Castle Bytham Stores for a nominal £1.

The cover of the book is reproduced to the right, it is hoped that one day, the whole book can be reproduced on this website for posterity.

The cover of 'Little Bytham - a Celebration', published to celebrate the beginning of the third millenium