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community services : electricity

updated 02/03/05

The electricity supply infrastructure in theBythams area is maintained by Central Networks. Since de-regulation though the actual 'supplier' of electricity to individual premises and properties is wide and varied.

It is Central Networks who deal with the common problem, in theBythams area, of supply interruption.

For out of hours emergencies, and to be updated as to when your electricity supply may be restored, call ...

0800 056 8090 (Central Networks Eastern Region)

If you want to make a general enquiry then the number you can contact them on is ...

0800 096 3080 (Central Networks Eastern Region). The lines are open from 08:30am - 5:00pm Mon to Fri excluding Bank Holidays.

CLICK HERE to GOTO the Central Networks website

theBythams and interruption to electricity supply ... added 03/07/03

Disruption to the electricity supply in theBythams area is something that occurs on a regular basis.

Sometimes it goes off for a matter of seconds, or minutes, and then comes back on ... resetting timing devices and clocks on electrical appliances and occasionally destroying the appliance completely.

During June 2003 it seems to be happening even more frequently. By recollection ...
Thursday 5 June - off from 5.45pm to the next morning
Wednesday 25 June - off from early evening to the next morning
Tuesday 1 July - off mid pm for 10-15 minutes

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When the power comes back on ...

If, when your electricity is restored after one of the frequent 'interruptions', you find that one of your appliances has been destroyed then you should write, with details of the problem, to ...

Customer Liaison
East Midlands Electricity
Herald Way
Pegasus Business Park
Castle Donnington
DE74 2TU

Good Luck !

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