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community services : waste recycling

updated 21/12/03

South Kesteven District Council operate a number of permanent and occasional waste recycling/collection points close to theBythams area. These are listed below.

In addition both Castle Bytham Parish Council and Little Bytham Parish Council arrange for a refuse collection vehicle to visit the villages on an occasional basis. Dates when this occurs are included in the Events Diary.

Bourne Household Waste Recycling Centre 08/06/09
Pinfold Lane Industrial Estate
PE10 9HT

Opening Times:
Summer (April to September): Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday to Sunday 8am to 4pm
Winter (October to March): Monday to Sunday 8am to 4pm Closed: Christmas Day & Boxing Day

Refuse collection vehicle at Bridge End / Old A1 junction
Second Saturday of each month, 8.30am to 11.30am

Corby Glen
Refuse collection vehicle in the Market Place
Fourth Saturday of each month, 8.30am to 11.30am

Market Deeping
Refuse collection vehicle in the Rainbow Store carpark off of Godsey Lane.
Second and fourth Saturday of each month, 8.30am to 11.30am

Refuse collection vehicle in the lorry/car park on Station Road..
Every Saturday, 9.00am to 12noon

SKDC Guidelines on Waste Disposal and Recycling

Reproduced from SKDC 'Garbage Guide'

added 21/12/03

Refuse Collection

• Refuse bags must be put out by 7.30am

• Please tie up bags securely and place at the edge of the property nearest to the roadside

• Please place paint, glass or sharp objects separately in a marked box

If you are physically unable to put your bags at the edge of your property and there is no-one else in the household able to do so, an assisted scheme is available.
Contact 01476 406279

SKDC will not collect if ...
• refuse is loose or scattered
• your bags contain garden or trade refuse
• you haven't put your bags out on time
• you haven't placed your refuse bag or box at the edge of your property
• bags are excessively heavy

Waste Minimisation

SKDC collects about 800 tonnes of refuse per week. Approximately 50% of this can be recycled, or reused. Some simple steps to minimise waste include ...

• buying milk from the milkman rather than in plastic bottles

• buying large 2 or 3 litre bottles of pop/juice rather than several small bottles

• buying fresh vegetables and fruit in single bags rather than that pre-packed in plastic trays

• switching from disposable nappies to reuseable

• buying items, when avaialble, in glass jars or bottles, cans or tins, foil wrapper etc rather than plastic containers as they can then be recycled rather than thrown away

• refusing to take plastic carrier bags, buy a 'Bag for Life' / reuseable bag from supermarkets

Think before you buy !

Garden Waste

Garden waste will only be taken if it is in an official SKDC green sack and excludes stones and soil.

Alternatively, garden waste can be disposed of at your local Civic Amenity Sites or Saturday mobile freighters.

Or why not start home composting?

Bags can be brought from local Council offices in Grantham, Stamford and Market Deeping.