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community services : police : friendly advice

Lincolnshire Police are more than happy to provide advice to anyone in order to help reduce crime. They can be contacted via the Crime Reduction unit on 01775 722233 ext 2661.

In general term the advice provided will include...

Neighbourhood Watch

Lincolnshire Police recommned everyone should join their local Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

At the present time no such scheme exists within theBythams area. Peter Cox, editor of the Glenside News, has suggested forming one and would welcome interested indivduals to contact him on 01780 410457.

Alternatively contact Mrs S Piker, the Lincolnshire Police South Division Neighbourhood Watch Administrator, on 01476 403331.


As they say ...
"if you have any information on this or any other crime call Crimestoppers free on 0800 555111 - you do not have to give your name, you may receive a reward."

Burglary Reduction

Opportunist thieves commit most burglaries. In two out of ten burglaries they do not even use force to enter, gainign entry instead through an open window or door. 30% of recorded burglaries in South Lincolnshire are due to property insecurity.

You can avoid being a victim of house burglary by following these simple steps...

1 Close all windows, even small bathroom windows can be entered. IF a thief can get his head through his body will follow.

2 Close and lock all external doors. A 5-lever lock is recommended for security.

3 Never hide a spare key outside the house, theieves will always find it.

4 Fit window locks, they can be fitted for arelatively small outlay.

5 If you have window locks, remove the key and keep it in a safe place.

6 Cosider fitting bolts to the top and bottom of external doors.

7 If you are considering fitting external doors seek professional advice before purchase.

8 Consider fitting a good quality house alarm. The Police Crime Reduction Unit (01476 722233 ext 2661) can offer you good advice before you purchase.

9 Fit an external security light, if possible to the front and rear of the property.

10 Think about time switches for external lights and audio equipment., make your house look occupied during the hours of darkness, before you or your family gets home.

11 Try not to advertise you are out. Most burglars only tackle an empty house.

12 Lock your shed and if you have garden equipment think about securing items to the shed frame with a good quality chain and padlock and consider property marking. Shed alarms are available from the local Crime Reduction Unit (01476 722233 ext 2661)

13 Make sure you lock your garage if you have one, and try to put your car away. Most recorded car crime take place on the driveway or on the road outside your house.

CLICK HERE to GOTO the Lincolnshire Police website

CLICK HERE to GOTO the Crimestoppers website