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local government : south kesteven district council


Little Bytham and Castle Bytham both lie within the boundaries of South Kesteven District Council which in turn lies within the County of Lincolnshire. The district town of Grantham lies to the north of theBythams area alongside the A1 and most of the functions of the Council are administered from there.

Specifically theBythams falls within the Morkery and Hillsides Wards of South Kesteven District Council.

Hillsides Ward covers Braceborough & Wilsthorpe, Careby, Aunby & Holywell, Creeton & Counthorpe, Greatford, Little Bytham, Toft with Lound & Manthorpe and Witham-on-the-Hill.

CLICK HERE to view a map showing the Ward Boundaries for South Kesteven District Council.

CLICK HERE to go to the main website for South Kesteven District Council. The website provides information about the services they provide, their structure and gives a local perspective on topical issues.

News and Information relating to South kesteven District Council ... relevant to theBythams area ...

2003 Election Results added 03/05/03

Voting for candidates on South Kesteven District Council in the two wards in theBythams area, Morkery and Hillsides, took place on 1st may 2003.

In the Hillsides Ward Elizabeth Margaret Channell (Independant) polled 405 votes defeating the Conservative Party candidate, Thomas Martin Trollope-Bellew, by 143 votes.

The Morkery Ward returned the Conservative Candidate, Margery Elizabeth Radley, with 302 votes, defeating Christopher John Robinson by 43 votes.

2003 Elections added 12/04/03

Nominations for election to the South kesteven District Council closed on 1st April 2003.

There were two nominations for the Morkery Ward ...

Margery Elizabeth Radley - Conservative
Christopher John Robinson - Independant

There were two nominations for the Hillsides Ward ...

Elizabeth Margaret Channell - Independant
Thomas Martin Trollope-Bellew - Conservative

CLICK HERE to GOTO the South kesteven District Council website

Councillor Profiles
30/10/05 : added 05/06/03

theBythams area is represented by two Councillors on South kesteven District Council, one each representing the Hillsides and Morkery Wards.

Hillsides Ward is represented by...

Ibis Channel (Independent)

From material published for the May 2003 election...

" About me - I am 56, divorced with 5 children. I have lived in Greatford since 1970 and I love my village and the surrounding area. I am a part-time care worker and an aerobics teacher and I enjoy all aspects of country life. In the past I have been a school governor and PTA chairman. I have served on the Greatford parish Council for nearly 24 years.

To me, listening to my consituents, common sense and the needs of the community are more important than acting within the confines of party politics. These are the reasons that I stand as an independent.

I have served this Ward for the past 4 years, always trying to maintain an effective link between my consituents and SKDC - this contact I consider to be my prime role. I have endeavoured to keep abreast of local issues by regular attendance at Parish Council meetings.

I accept that change in our area is inevitable but it is of paramount importance that such change should not take place without due consideration to your needs and wishes as a member of the local population. "

Ibis can be contacted at ...
The Gardeners Cottage, Greatford, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 4QA
Tel: (01778) 560423

Morkery Ward is represented by ...

Margaret Radley (Conservative)

Margaret can be contacted at ...
33 High Dyke, Harrowby, Grantham Lincolnshire, NG31 9ER
Tel: (01476) 565081