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theBythams : old welcome page news : 2003

added 03-09-06 : checked 03/09/06
This page is not included in a regular update sequence and will be checked and updated infrequently

The following news items appeared on the welcome page of theBythams website during 2003 ...

refuse collection
(Added 21/12/03)

SKDC refuse collection days will vary over the Christmas period as follows ...

Normal Day
Revised Day
Mon 22 Dec
22nd as usual
Tue 23 Dec
23rd as usual
Wed 24 Dec
24th as usual
Thu 25 Dec
Mon 29 Dec
Fri 26 Dec
Tue 30 Dec
Mon 29 Dec
29th as usual
Tue 30 Dec
30th as usual
Wed 31 Dec
31st as usual
Thu 1 Jan
Fri 2 Jan
Fri 2 Jan
Sat 3 Jan

Find out more about waste collection and recycling in theBythams area by CLICKING HERE.

(Added 30/11/03)

After 12 years serving the parishes within theBythams area Revd Bryan Bennett leaves the area at the end of the year.

There will be an opportunity to say 'good bye' to the Rector over refreshments in the Rectory following the Group Holy Communion at Creeton on Sunday 28th December at 10.30am.

Best wishes for the future from everyone in theBythams.

christmas candle service
(Added 30/11/03)

Any children interested in joining in the Christmas Candle Service, either in singing or playing, are asked to contact Judith Smith on 410420. The service takes place in Little Bytham Church at 4pm on Christmas Eve,

remembrance sunday (Added 30/11/03)

Royal British Legion, Poppies

A total of £97 was collected for the Royal British Legion at the Remembrance Day Service in St James Church Castle Bytham on Sunday 9 November.

reminder ... (Added 22/10/03)

The clocks go back this weekend! At 2am on Sunday morning (26th Oct), officially, the clock goes back an hour to 1am. A whole extra hour in bed but the start of earlier nights :-(

morkery wood (Added 22/10/03)

Do you walk regularly in Morkery Wood? If so, would you like to be a volunteer Wood Warden to help to preserve the beauty of the wood? If you think you might be able to help, contact Cheryl Joyce at Forest Enterprises ... 01780 444394

flu jabs available now
(Added 22/10/03)

Flu vaccinations are now available at the Glenside Practice Surgeries for... Patients aged 65 and over
or anyone who suffers from one, or more, of the following conditions...
Chronic Chest condition including Asthma.
Chronic Heart Disease.
Kidney Disease.
Lowered Immunity

If you have not been vaccinated, contact either the Castle Bytham or Corby Glen Surgery and make an appointment with one of the Practice Nurses.

Contact Castle Bytham Surgery on (01780) 410205,
and Corby Glen Surgery on (01476) 550251

glenside news online (Added 22/10/03)

theBythams website now carries copies of the Glenside News in pdf format!

thanks from Iraq (Added 02/10/03)

Reproduced from the Glenside News - October 2003 ...

" Message just received from Langford Anderson who is currently serving with the Army in Iraq. For those of you who do not have the pleasure of knowing him he is the Chairman of the Friends of Bytham School and lives in Castle Bytham. Langford enjoys theBythams website which helps keep him in touch. He is also particularly grateful to his friends and neighbours in Bytham Heights who are helping his wife Julie and their children, Bethany, oliver and Jacob - and to those who sent him greetings for his 40th birthday. "

Follow on ... if anyone would like to email Langford then his email address is ...

closure of footpath (Added 02/10/03)

Reproduced from the Glenside News - October 2003 ...

"Please note that permission has now expired for The Permissive Footpath across the Grass Fields via Morkery Wood and renewal has not been granted.

Accordingly the footpath will be closed from the end of October 2003."

Gordon and Gill Abbott

urgently required - renewed appeal (Added 02/10/03)

Volunteers to join the Little Bytham Church Flower Rota. If you can even help only once a year please call either Susie Hill (01778) 590637 or Janet Woods (01780) 410351

wanted volunteer carpenter
(Added 02/10/03)

Castle Bytham Parish Council are on the look out for a volunteer carpenter to construct a board for the new bus shelter. The board would be used to display the bus timetables and was a requirement of the Countryside Commission grant. Materials will be paid for. Any volunteers ... please contact the Parish Clerk.

the worlds biggest coffee morning (Added 24/09/03)

Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning

On Friday 26th September 2003, 30000 coffee mornings will be held in the UK in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief. Locally you are invited to one of these at Bank House, 39 Glen Road, Castle Bytham between 10am and midday. Graham and Heather King will be offering a copious supply of coffee and bsicuits for £3 and the chance to win a variety of prizes including a Peugeot 206 SW.

new local newspaper delivery (Added 24/09/03)

The Castle Bytham Stores are considering starting a newspaper delivery service in the village of Castle Bytham. They need an adequate number of people wanting to use the service, which would be charged at 12p per day, before the service can start. It is hoped the first deliveries will be made on 1st October.

Anyone interested should contact Ray or Vicky at The Stores to place an order as soon as possible.

newspaper delivery changes
(Added 24/09/03)

Martin Bailey will no longer be delivering newspapers in theBythams area as from Sunday 28 September. Deliveries from that date will be undertaken by Northcliffe Retail Limited in Leicester.

In the letter accompanying deliveries this week Martin takes the opportunity to "thank all his customers for their valued custom over the years and to wish them all a happy and healthy future".

crochet workshop (Added 31/08/03)

The possibility of restarting the Crochet Workshop in Castle Bytham is being considered. If you are interested please contact Amanda in Castle Bytham Stores or telephone Rose Bakker on 01780 410421.

#Update# The first Crochet Workshop is taking place on Monday 13th October ... see the Events Diary for more information!

fast internet for Castle Bytham (Added 31/08/03)

Reproduced from the Glenside News : September 2003
From the end of September a new broad band wireless system will be in operation in the Castle Bytham area. The new Wireless Rural Broad Band (WRBB) service called "Sunshine" will be faster than BT's ASDL (which is not available in Castle Bytham anyway)

How much will it cost? For domestic users the lowest tariff starts at £10 per month. This gives you Internet and email access at any time subject to a limit in the amount of data you send and receive in the month. There is no joining fee. You will need a special wireless modem, which costs approximately £50.

Terrain could limit the coverage in some locations. Any gaps in coverage will eventually be filled by installing further base station equipment. The rate at which this happens depends on the number of users requesting this service.

CLICK HERE to GOTO the WRBB website

urgently required ! (Added 01/08/03)

Volunteers are urgently required to join the Little Bytham Church Flower Rota. If you can help just once a year, please ring either Susie Hill 01778 590637 or Janet Woods 01780 410351

2001 census data (Added 07/07/03)

The Office for National Statistics have recently updated there website to allow viewing of detailed statistics, from the 2001 Census, for 'Neighbourhoods' within England and Wales. Effectively this now means you can look at the Statistics for the local Wards, Hillsides and Morkery, within the district of South Kesteven.

To VIEW Statistics for South Kesteven as a whole CLICK HERE.

To VIEW Statistics for the Hillsides or Morkery Wards CLICK HERE, then enter your post code into the box and CLICK GO.

Warning! The 2001 Census website is being bombarded with such requests at the moment and if it is becoming overloaded it will return an error message .... try again later!

where to start ?
(Added 22/06/03)

Try the ... interact ... section

more virtual postcards added
(Updated 17/06/03)

We have added more virtual postcards.

thebythams at the midsummer fair
(Added 08/06/03)

On Sunday 22 June we will be at the Midsummer Fair in Castle Bytham. If you have any thoughts on the website, want to contribute to it or simply want to say ... 'hello' ... then we will be in the village hall all day. We look forward to seeing you there!

new web space !
(Added 08/06/03)

The weekend has been spent acquiring new web space for thebythams website and uploading the web pages to this new space. Even the Guest Book behaved itself and has continued to work!

The new web space should enable thebythams website to be expanded even further, allow us to add in Search Engines to help you find the stuff on the site you are looking for and make the whole thing work much faster!

local election results (Added 02/05/03)

Voting for candidates on South Kesteven District Council in the two wards in theBythams area, Morkery and Hillsides, took place on 1st may 2003.

In the Hillsides Ward Elizabeth Margaret Channell (Independent) polled 405 votes defeating the Conservative Party candidate, Thomas Martin Trollope-Bellew, by 143 votes.

The Morkery Ward returned the Conservative Candidate, Margery Elizabeth Radley, with 302 votes, defeating Christopher John Robinson by 43 votes.

In the local Parish Council Elections, as reported in the Glenside News, of the nine nominations for the nine seats on Castle Bytham Parish Council, four of the nominations were deemed invalid on a technicality. Therefore only five of the nominations have been elected unopposed.

On Little Bytham Parish Council, of the seven seats available only four nominations were received ... all were elected therefore unopposed.

CLICK HERE to find out more ...

changes at the willoughby arms (Added 01/05/03)

After some four years at the helm Neil and Clare Salisbury have given up the helm at the Willoughby Arms in Little Bytham. At the same time they have sold their home in the village in preparation for a move north, with their daughter Charlotte, to the Lake District.

On their last night as landlords at the pub, Wednesday 30 April 2003, friends, relations and customers past and present gathered at the pub to wish them well and to give them a Willoughby send-off.

If you missed the opportunity to say 'good bye and good luck' then all is not lost. Neil and Claire are not moving until towards the end of June and are still to be found in the Willoughby itself for a while, assisting the new landlord through to the popular Beer and Music Festival at the end of May.

Do you have pictures of the evening we could include on the website? We'd be pleased to hear from you if you do!