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places : castle bytham quarry

added 01/06/03 : updated 02/10/03

TheBythams area is littered with evidence of former and current quarrying practice. In Castle Bytham, and also Little Bytham although on a smaller scale, there is evidence of former quarrying very close to the centre of the village. The location being acceptable in the past but something which it is doubted would be quite so willingly welcomed today.

Much of the quarrying that takes place today is located to 'blend' in with the surrounding landscape and so goes on, to some extent, unnoticed behind man-made mounds and barriers of trees. The most noticeable evidence of quarrying in the area to many today being the presence of 'quarry-lorries' on local roads moving hundreds of tons of material every year at a slow pace!

Within theBythams area Bullimores, whose head office is in South Witham, seem to manage the bulk of the still working quarries.

When a quarry is no longer commercially viable then it is often left to decay, becoming a haven for local wildlife and occasionally actively managed for the benefit of the local community. A good example of this being Stanton Pit on the road between Little Bytham and Witham on the Hill.

In the case of the quarry in Castle Bytham the area has been left to naturally decay and the images in this section of the website capture this. The only use the quarry is put to currently is to serve as a car park for the popular Mid-Summer Fair in Castle Bytham in June each year.

If you know anything about the quarry or even worked there we would be pleased to hear from you. Why not ... Contact Us?

View of the cliff at the western side of the
disused quarry in Castle Bytham
(Picture MG : 27/03/03)

contains further images of the
Disused Quarry in Castle Bytham
added 01/06/03

contains images of the Quarry in Castle Bytham captured when it was in full production and of historical documents relating to the Quarry
added 02/10/03