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theBythams : old welcome page news 2006

added 03-09-08 : checked 15-09-08
This page is not included in a regular update sequence and will be checked and updated infrequently

The following news items appeared on the welcome page of theBythams website during 2006 ...

guinea pigs dumped by side of road added 17/12/06

Dumped rabbit

As reported in the Grantham Journal on Thursday 7 December and the Stamford Mercury on Friday 15 December ...

" New Homes are needed for two guinea pigs and four rabbits found dumped.

The animals were found left on a driveway on the High Street in Little Bytham with no food, water or bedding and with just tatty cardboard boxes to protect them from the cold. All six animals are thought to be quite young and are healthy. They are grey and brown in colour.The animals have now been passed onto the RSPCA.

RSPCA collection officer Julie Stoodley said : "They were very lucky to survive the cold weather. They may also have been at risk of attack by other animals as the boxes would have provided little protection. it seems that none of the animals had been fed or watered for some time."

If you could offer a safe home to one of the animals, call the RSPCA Lincolnshire East branch on 01205 319059 between 09.30 and 12.30, Monday to Friday. "

castle bytham robbery
added 17/12/06

Kathleen Broadbent, 80, of Castle Bytham, was subjected to a terrifying ordeal when two men in balaclavas forced their way into her home and snatched £130 in savings, her £70 pension and a gold ring.

CLICK HERE to read the full reports from the Stamford Mercury

new guest book on-line
added 06/11/06

We have a new guest book system on-line. So thanks, to our tech guy. All the old entry's dating right back March 2001, are back on-line. Also the new guest book, should stop of the SPAM, that kept getting posted. Which was a big problem with our, old guest book

cub scout leader wanted
added 22/10/06

Scouts Logo

Corby Glen Cub Scouts are on the look out for a new leader. If you think you can help contact Howard Nelson or on 01572 767500.

CLICK HERE for more information
added 22/10/06

David Lane is currently working on a website to promote both Castle Bytham & the book hes currently working on - "Castle Bytham, A Photographic History". He hopes that people from and connected to the village will help him in the project and is looking for old photographs, preferably originals, of Castle Bytham. If you think you can help then he can be contacted via the website.

piano wanted
added 22/10/06

The Bythams School are increasing the range of musical activities on offer to the children and a visiting piano teacher will currently have to use an elctronic keyboard. If anyone has an old piano collecting dust that they would be prepared to loan or give to the school then they would be extremely grateful. Please contact Helen Lockham on 01780 410275.

silent auction
added 22/10/06

"... on the evening of the 1st September 2006, 65 people assembled in the Village Hall for the Silent auction ..."

CLICK HERE to view the full report

little bytham from the east coast main line
added 12/10/06

Below is a short video, of Little Bytham taken from the east coast main line.

macmillan coffee morning
added 09/09/06

Macmillan Coffee Morning logo

Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer. Every year they organise the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning and this year you can take part, and at the same time help this worthwhile cause, on Saturday 30th September in Castle Bytham Village Hall between 10.30am and 12.30pm. Go along, enjoy the coffee :-)

the bytham boys added 01/04/06

the Bythams boys

Since this is a local website, for local people. Then check out this local band, they call themselves the Bytham Boys. When your walking about in Little Bytham you may often hear them do their stuff. To found out more about them, check out their myspace page at, you can even download some of their music as MP3s.

revised refuse collection dates 2006/07
added 02/03/06

If your normal defuse collection day is a Monday, then on the following dates, it will change due, to Bank Holidays. The dates are as follows ...

Normal Day
Revised Day
Mon 17th April 06
Sat 15th April 06
Mon 1st May 06
Sat 29th April 06
Mon 29th May 06
Sat 27th May 06
Mon 28th Aug 06
Sat 26th Aug 06
Mon 25th Dec 06
Sat 23rd Dec 06
Mon 1st Jan 07
Sat 30th Dec 06

Find out more about waste collection and recycling in theBythams area by CLICKING HERE.

midsummer fair added 02/03/06

This years Castle Bytham Midsummer Fair, will take place on Sunday 18th June. To find out what is planned then ... CLICK HERE.

bythams podcast coming soon? added 27/02/06

If we added a podcast to this website, would you listen? Please vote in our newest poll and let us know what you think of the idea.

refuse collection added 03/12/05

SKDC refuse collection days will vary over the Christmas period as follows ...

Normal Day
Revised Day
Mon 26th Dec
Sat 24th Dec
Mon 2nd Jan
Sat 31st Dec

Find out more about waste collection and recycling in theBythams area by CLICKING HERE.